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History of Club

It is generally accepted that the course was designed by the renowned course architect, James Braid, in the early 1900’s. His skill as a course architect are apparent from the 18 – hole layout in terrain which might well have been beyond a lesser talent. The course was almost closed and returned to agricultural use in 1916 but was retained by the then owner, Major Shelley-Bontein, as a rest and recuperation facility for service personnel based in Oban during WWI.

The military connection exists to the present day with two of the clubs’ trophies, the Isis and Stokes Cups, having been presented respectively by HMS Isis and Captain Stokes, a naval officer, stationed in Oban during WWII.

Glencruitten Estate was acquired by the MacKay family shortly after WWI. Despite the great depression and stock market crash of the late 1920’s, the MacKay family retained ownership of the Estate at not inconsiderable personal cost. The course was factored by the Estate until 1953, when control was passed to the members, who have run the Club since. Although the Estate has recently been disposed of in lots, ownership of the course remains with the MacKay family from whom it is presently leased by the Club.

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